Thursday, February 8, 2007


Written on 2/2/07

It's snowing in Williamstown. I spent the first 24 hours here complaining about how much I hate winter and being cold, and how I'll never be able to live in New England again. Then it started to snow and I went out walking around campus with my camera and I remembered what made winter here bearable for me; long, cold, and dark as it is.

Snow shrouds every surface and softens the harshest contours. If it's sticky snow, like this was, it coats even the thinnest branch in an outline of bright white. When the light from streetlamps hits the snow blanketing the ground it sparkles, as if there are tiny diamonds strewn across it. Walking around campus tonight I had this incredible sensation of peace, of all is well with the world-ness. When you're alone outside in a quiet area at night and snow is falling it's somewhat dreamlike. Everything is muffled and silent and it feels like you're the only person in the world.

On a more practical note though, it's better to have a waterproof camera. The plastic-bag-with-a-lens-hole-in-it I rigged up worked to a certain degree, but I had very little idea what I was shooting half of the time because the lcd screen was hard to see through the wet plastic and some of the pictures are a little crooked. It was almost like having a camera that didn't show an instant readout of the picture you'd just taken. Oh, the inconvenience! "Hey kids, when I was little you had to wait until you finished the whole roll of film ["what's 'film,' Mommy?"] and developed it to see the pictures! And we had to walk to school through the snow, uphill both ways!!"

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