Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day

A shamrock picture in honor of my Irish heritage, consisting mostly of freckles and poor cooking skills. I do like potatoes. :) This picture was taken earlier this week, at Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve when I went hiking in the 85 DEGREE WEATHER. It's March!!!!! I love California. :)

I've been a slacker about posting lately but (hopefully) soon I will have an actual modem in my house!!! And will no longer have to go to great lengths to post here.

It's been a long and frustrating few weeks involving printer difficulties of ridicuous proportions. I am actually on my third printer in one week. I had a nightmare last night that my printer turned into a car and then took over and careened down a busy street with me inside before overturning and bursting into flames. Luckily my brother Zach appeared and used his army guy skills to heroically pull me out of the car and shield me from the ensuing explosion, since I couldn't move. Unfortunately after the danger had passed Zach sat on me -yes, SAT ON, like he'd forgotten I was his sister and thought I was just convenient sidewalk padding- while calling for help. I was still incapable of speaking or moving so I couldn't ask him politely to move his heiney and had to suffer being sat on, as well as almost killed by my stupid printer. He did save my life though, (brother, not printer) so I wasn't too upset.

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