Friday, March 9, 2007

Oh, the Ironing!

I have a confession... I hate the word blog.

Blogging, blogista, blogger; blog, blah, blech. I use these terms because they're the accepted lingo but I can't stand the way the words look and sound and I wince slightly, inwardly, every time I hear myself say them. I suppose I could tell people that I'm keeping an online journal or some such thing, but that just seems lame.

Some words I do like:

Etiology -- - the cause, set of causes, or manner of causation of a disease or condition- I know, I know. I'm not sure why, I just like it. I am fascinated by medical terms. I love case reading case histories and medical narrative. I read practically everything in my old library's medical section. Neurologist Oliver Sacks is one of my favorite writers. However I have a deep and long-standing horror of all things medical when they apply to me personally.For about 10 years when I didn't even go for physicals because I hated having anything to do with doctors so much. I used to practically hyperventilate when I had to get blood taken (blood itself doesn't bother me, I've worked with kids for too long to get worked up about various icky bodily fluids, it's the needles I have issues with) or enter a hospital to visit someone. I've gotten a lot better but I still don't like going to the doctor.

Moss -- -a small flowerless green plant that lacks true roots, growing in low carpets or rounded cushions in damp habitats- I love moss. I like the way the word looks and sounds. I even love its definition. I want to live in the woods with low carpets of moss and rounded mossy cushions. I would drink dew from buttercups and eat acorn stew. Though, come to think of it, I tasted an acorn once, when I was a kid and it tasted really bad. Maybe I'll stick to indoor living and just make forays to the woods to visit the moss.

Conifer -- -Plants bearing their seeds in cones or modified cone-like structures.- These plants are often called evergreens, although this is not always the case. See moss

Pediatric -- I like saying Pediatric, it's just fun to say. I don't care so much about the way it looks, but I like the way it sounds.

Twilight, glint, glimmering, lambent -- I love light. I love how the light changes throughout the day. I love early morning light the best, though I confess I don't see it very often.Sometimes when the sun is at a particular angle when setting, everything is backlit against the darkening sky. Even if the scenery is just the ordinary trees and buildings I see every day on my drive home everything looks hauntingly beautiful, like the whole world has been washed in gold. I love that.

I dreamed about light years ago. In the dream, I knew I was in heaven, I also knew I was dreaming. It wasn't some airy-fairy place with angels floating around with harps. The dream took place in the neighborhood I was living in and the one I grew up in, all familiar places, but they were different. It was as if my previous experience of these places had actually been stage sets- imperfect copies of the real thing- and in the dream I experienced the originals and they were flawless.

The light in the dream changed several times with the setting, from warm indoor light to glimmers of fire in the darkness, to morning light and then full day. What bound them together was that each time the light was perfect. I can't put it into words any more clearly because there are no words to describe a level above what we are limited to experiencing as perfection. It was like nothing I've ever seen while awake. A scientist would say that the dream was a combination of the sunrise shining through my east facing window while I slept and random synapses firing in my brain. I wouldn't argue that this is technically true, but I think it's only one aspect of the truth. Someday I'm going to see that light again, and that time I won't have to wake up.

Texture -- -From the Latin, Textura- Sounds like it feels and looks. makes me think of textured cloth or paper.

Variant -- Just a good word

All right, I've put it off long enough, I've got to go research printers before they kick me out of the coffee shop for spending $2.50 on an eclair and then spending three hours taking up a chair and using the free wifi. One of my new favorite words: modem. -Something that allows Jess to access the internet from the comfort of her own home if she can ever get through to the &%#@! cable company whose workers (I'm pretty sure anyway) have bets going on how long suckers who call looking for modems will stay on hold before giving up.-

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