Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Oh, my aching.. everything

Yesterday I accidentally went for a ten-mile hike. Friend, I do not go for ten-mile hikes. I occasionally go for gentle walks when I'm not sitting around reading books and eating cookies. Occasionally maybe a three or four mile hike but even that seems a little long, and um, what did you say? It's uphill? Hmm, yeah, maybe I'll just turn around now. Half a mile is pretty good exercise, right?

The fact that I walked all that way up a fairly steep trail (1800+ ft elevation, not that I was counting) and ran down half of it frightened me, to be perfectly honest. It was like an alien had taken over my body. No, I didn't run on purpose!! You know I don't run. If I was being chased by an axe-wielding maniac, I would probably run, but just for kicks? Not so much. It was because I lost track of time and started back way too late, I had to book it to make it back to the car by the time the preserve closed at dark.

What could be wrong with me? Is this a sign of advancing age? Isn't that supposed to work the other way around? Have I been spending so much time around athletic Californians that I've "caught" their athleticism somehow? Horrors! I did find an old bottle of vitamins in the cupboard the other day and took one just for fun. Maybe that had something to do with it? I'd better throw them away just in case. I find they interfere with my absorption of chocolate and snack foods- two of the main staples of my diet- anyway. Today I stayed in bed until 10:30 and then got up only to eat breakfast before getting back in bed with a box of girl scout cookies and a bag of Pirate's Booty to watch a movie. I felt much more like myself after that.

I did make a new discovery through this traumatic experience, and this is it: Hiking in a skirt is really comfortable. When I decided to take a small detour and visit my new favorite hiking spot I was on my way home from meeting a friend. I was wearing a skirt but I'd packed a pair of shorts and my sneakers so that I could change if I needed to. When I got to the preserve and went to change, however, it turned out I'd packed the sneakers and left the shorts behind. So I figured I could hike as well in a skirt (it was a longish, loose skirt made out of light cotton, I wouldn't recommend hiking in a tight denim skirt or a leather mini but I haven't checked this out and I have no future plans to, so I can't say scientifically that they wouldn't work as well, if anyone wants to put this hypothesis to the test and send me results, be my guest) and changed my shoes and set off It turns out that when, y'know, nature calls and there's nowhere to answer it but the bushes by the side of the trail, and you're a girl, it's way easier to accomplish this -at least easier to retain any semblance of modesty- if you're wearing a long loose skirt than if you're wearing shorts or pants. Also, the skirt was much cooler than pants would have been but protected my legs from the sun better than shorts would have. There is the fact that I looked like a dork (especially when running like a maniac trying hold on to my backpack but not lose my footing and slide down the trail) but that's why I like this preserve, apart from the occasional biker, I never see anyone, besides, dorkiness is a fairly natural state of being for me (see Temeraire post on my other blog).


Anonymous said...

Ummm, Hello!!!! you crazy lady... ever hear of Mountain Loins.
BTW I like the word "Woot"

Libby said...

ha ha "mountain Loins" If you had seen a male hiker who knows what would have happened!