Tuesday, May 8, 2007


This is my fish, Orpheus. He was completely terrified of me when I brought him home and would contort himself into extremely unlikely positions in order to avoid seeing or being seen by me. He used to hide under the seaglass on the bottom of his bowl like this:
It was a little unnerving. I felt like an evil giant even though all I was trying to do was feed him. Now, however, we are fast friends and whenever I feed him he swims over to the side of the bowl to greet me before eating. He doesn't seem to have the aggressive personality that's typical of male Betas.

This week after I cleaned his bowl I noticed a mass of tiny bubbles collecting at the top. I was curious and looked up a few Beta sites. Apparently this is breeding behavior. the males build a bubble nest when they're ready to breed, then the females lay eggs in them. Poor Orry, he's stuck with me, a non-aqueus, non-egg-laying dud. I gently explained to him that it just wouldn't work out between us. It's sad to see the bubbles dwindling as he broken-heartedly swims around in his little bowl. Oh well, at least I'm still bringing home the bacon (or fish flakes, as it were).


Snooley said...

That's hilarious.. I'm glad your a dry-lander like the rest of us.

Morgan said...

What happens if you get a lady Beta (a Delta?) and put her in the bowl? Does someone get eaten? Little fish babies would be so cute. Plus, no diapers.


Anonymous said...

haha, always disappointing the men, Jessica! LOL You are fated to impossible loves... ROFL