Monday, July 16, 2007

In Which I am Attacked (nearly) by a Duck

So I was in Boston, lovely city that it is and in such a perfectly lovely season, and I left my camera in Rhode Island. Gah. Lacking in drawing skilz, I will have to try and paint pictures for you with words.

I went to the Boston Public Garden on Friday while I was waiting around for the bus to Williamstown that (as it turned out) did NOT leave at 1:30 from Logan as listed in the website, but at 4 from South Station. Again, Gah! But it was fine. I took the T around the city and had a fine time. After lunch I went over to the Public Garden and sat on the grass to watch the swan boats and eat a delicious pastry that seemed to consist of puff pastry dough and uncooked cheesecake batter. Excellent idea. The cheesecake batter I mean, though eating it was not a bad move on my part either.

While I was taking in the lovely surroundings, the perfect weather and the various and assorted interesting peoples who were sharing my appreciation of the park, I took my pastry out of its bag and was immediately (nearly) assaulted by a duck.

You've read Robert McClosky's venerable Make Way For Ducklings book? (what do you mean, "no"?! Get thee to a library, and don't finish this post until you're read the book!) I don't remember any of the ducks in that book climbing into people's laps in order to attempt to steal their pastries, but apparently their descendants are less well-behaved. Ducks these days! Luckily I was able to fend him off with crumbs until the family sitting a few feet away from me, amused by the duck's antics, lured him over to their blanket. Suckers!!

I'm pretty sure I could have taken him anyway. I may be a lightweight but nobody messes with my pastry!


Amanda said...

Oh my stars! We have read (and loved) Mr. McClosky's book. I'm truly shocked that that this duck attacked you! LOL Not at all how the book portrays them--life is always uglier than fiction!

Have a fabulous day, my friend! We move this weekend--email me, I'll give you our new address!

echapralis said...

Hi Jess,
Glad to see that your back bloggin! You've got to write about GA and the pee your pants mountain roads! AAAaaaaa
Wuke and I miss you already and hope your trip home was ok.
btw where's katie's blog again?

jess said...

Apparently ducks were more polite in the kinder gentler days Mr. McClosky was writing about. I think this one had broken out of the juvenile duck detention facility (JDDF). Stay tuned for the next segment, in which I encounter the bear from Blueberries For Sal.

Lib, I miss you and Wuke wots and wots. :( I have been consoling myself watching video of him giving me "puppy wips" Is very cute. I will write about the pee your pants roads soon, I promise. As soon as I figure out how to put up a video of mom peeing her pants over the mountain roads.

Christine said...


Make way for psycho duck!!

My Dad got genuinely goosed by a blind goose once...pretty exciting. I've always kept a safe distance around webby-footed creatures since...

Christine said...

p.s. I like that bear... I looked like Sal when I was little... and I am Sal, come to think of it...