Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mosty toasty posty

In order to make up up for not posting for a month I am going to set a record for as many posts as I can finish in one night or before the caffeine wears off.

Agent S introduced me to my favorite midnight snack when we were roommies. It's completely and overwhelmingly bad for you, which I think is my favorite part. It also tastes really, really yummy. Here's how to make it:

1) Fry a piece of sourdough bread (if you can't find good sourdough bread in your part of the country, move to San Francisco) in butter, preferably in a well-used cast iron skillet that your mom gave you when you moved out on your own.

2) Put more butter and heaping spoonfuls of brown sugar on top and watch while the sugar melts into the butter and carmelizes. If some sugar falls off and lands on the pan or the edges of the underside of the bread, that's okay, it turns crispy that way and tastes even better.

3) Eat. Try not to feel bad about the butter and sugar, it ruins the moment. Also being happy produces endorphins, which make you lose weight, or something. Therefore guilt= calories.

your friendly neighborhood nutritionist,

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