Sunday, August 26, 2007

A conversation with God, in which He commands and I whine

God: Trust me.

Me: But I'm afraaaiiid!!!

God : Trust me.

Me: But I caaaaaan't!!!

God: Trust me.

Me: AAAAHHHH!!!! Why aren't you fixing things!!!!!????!

God: I am, trust me.

Me: But what about all those other times when you said to trust you and I couldn't and I got all freaked out and had a cow and a nervous breakdown and a really bad day and then- and then..

God: And then what?

Me: ..I... Mmmm. You know..

God: Tell me.

Me: You, ah, fixed everything. You'd already fixed everything but I couldn't see it and you wanted me to..

God: Go on..

Trust you.

God: *laughing* I love you so much. Trust me!


Lisa said...

how's that trust thing going?

i owe you a letter.

jess said...

It's a work in progress. ;) I'd love a letter, but no worries- an email will do if it's easier.

RU said...

Oh I know someone like that- ME!! Seriously, I can relate. One day at a time.