Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Deep Questions for the ages today

1) Does Bruce Banner have the stretchiest underpants ever? How come all of his other clothes fall to shreds when he turns into the Hulk but his briefs expand (Ha ha, I said expanding briefs!) and then shrink back to their original size when he de-Hulk-ifies!?!? Just wondering.

Yes I was watching the movie. No, it isn't worth two hours of your life. Not helpful: I think Eric Bana is weird looking even when he's not the Hulk.

2) Why is chick lit soooooo bad?

Is my inability to make it through anything after Helen Fielding (Bridget Jones makes me laugh out loud, the only reason I can think of that I keep trying) indicative of the inherent poor quality of this genre, or just my personal taste?

Where do you draw the line between personal taste and objective quality-of-art. Is there such a line? All I know is that I that I hate it when people insinuate that someone else has poor taste in music/writing/art just because their opinion differs and the music/writing/art snob considers him or herself an expert in the field. I never do this.

Except sometimes, when I forget not to be an asshole.

Feel free to remind me.

3) Why can't I think of any more questions?

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