Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"Thought" process

Sometimes Often when the light bulb in my head goes on it's more of a gentle sputtering followed by a lazily increasing dim glow rather than sudden burst of brilliance. As an example I give you a sample of my thoughts this fine evening:

8:30 ish pm

So hungry!.... mmmm, food. Food good. But- wait, there isn't anything to eat in the house because I haven't been grocery shopping in three weeks, since I've been spending most of my time house-sitting in a house that is currently sans kitchen and the rest of the time at work subsisting on other people's leftover french fries (God bless The Counter and their generous orders of fries).

**rummage around in kitchen drawer that should contain some takeout menus, dammit! What kind of people live here that never eat takeout? Oh yes, me.**

** Find a tiny, tiny menu from Baja Fresh which is more of a "Save 2 minutes, call ahead for your fast food!" ad than a proper takeout menu but at least represents food.**

** Dither over what to order.....**

** Remember that Baja Fresh is really stingy with the sour cream, and following my deep-seated belief that any meal can be improved with the addition of a high fat dairy product, decide that I must have more sour cream than mean old Baja Fresh will hand me in a tiny tiny cup after making me pay extra for it.**

** Look in the fridge for sour cream.**

** No luck.**

** Think to self,** Trader Joe's has sour cream. I can go to TJ's and get sour cream since it is in the same parking lot as, yea even right next door to, Baja Fresh.

Now if only I could think of some way to incorporate a grocery store into this food-finding sour-cream procuring trip so that I could purchase the
very basic baking items (i.e. sugar and chocolate chips) I need to make the banana chocolate-chip muffins for which so many old bananas in this household have died and gone to the great freezer in the sky kitchen."

**Think harder.**

**Wheels turning. Light bulb sputtering. Smoke coming out of ears.**

Trader Joe's. Groceries. Food.

Wait, wait I've got it! I don't even need to go to Baja Fresh! I can go to Trader Joe's, which is, Lord be praised, an actual grocery store [and furthermore the one I frequent so.. um.. frequently that I hardly ever shop anywhere else so, technically, this should not have been such a large leap.]where I can find chocolate chips and sugar and dinner!"

** Go to TJ's. Buy salad and high-fat dairy product (yes, that's right, every meal!) plus interesting work-portable meal items for rest of week and assorted other foods. **

**Get home and ravenously eat salad drenched in high fat dairy product.

** Realize that I've forgotten the sugar.**

** sigh**

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