Saturday, September 15, 2007

Davenhooliganports, cont.

A brief quiz

Match the captions with the photos:

__Katie and Dan, before the dental work.
__The cutest lil' Christmas present ever
__Delightful dancing domestic diva

Extra credit:

__Dad Bear
__Bear Dad
(don't worry, I can't tell them apart either)






Yo Mama said...

Jess--I just read your blog! you are SOOOOOO clever! Except for the accidental (I'm sure) mislabeling of that picture of me. As anyone can see I was just pretending to be an alligator and was about to chomp down on Katie. Yea, we play games like that all the time. If you don't delete that picture right away I will start my own counter-blog and post a very revealing picture of you-know-who enjoying blueberries-in-the-buff!!
You know ,you could just come home for a while if your living situation really goes in the direction of a cardboard box. Dan & Dani are getting an apartment in a few weeks so we will have an empty room. I'll even let you sit around and do nothing and sleep all day. I'm used to it, what with Sean around and all. Actually, he is suppossed to be getting a job next Monday.
But seriously, come home for a little while. Libby would bo so happy. Me, too. So the offer is open if you need it.
Well that's it for my first ever foray into the blogasphere. Remember to add DPOM to your to do list. In case you are in a brain fog when you read this it means DELETE PICTURE OF MOM!!
love and kisses. Yo Mama

jess said...

Empty threats!! Now that I live in sunny warm CA I always eat my blueberries sans clothing. I find it's the only way to enjoy blueberries in fact, ask any of my CA friends. ;)

I can't delete the picture of you, that would be censorship and you should know that I am oposed to that sort of thing since you and dad always insist I'm a raging liberal. (Oh, pardon me, excuse my French. I'm trying to keep this blog family friendly so no more dirty words like l-i-b-e-r-a-l, or worse- d-e-m-o-c-r-a-t).

If you and Libby really want to be happy you should come visit me here, where it hasn't rained since April. I can't come home because I found a new place to live!!