Saturday, September 1, 2007


For some strange reason my brain kicks into gear around the time my body is shutting down for the night. Because of this I have gotten into the habit of writing lists for myself, before I go to bed. Lists of things I need to get done the next day. Late at night I can think perfectly clearly about what I need to do, but lack the energy to do anything but go to sleep. By the time I wake up in the morning all is lost. Because I am a space cadet when left to myself, I have trouble finding direction and motivation on my days off and frequently nothing (I am a certified world expert at doing nothing. I could do nothing all day and be perfectly happy. This drives my mother crazy for some reason.) gets done without a list (all right, sometimes with a list, even).

In the interest of full disclosure the lists usually start with 1) Get up and continue with helpful hints like 2) take shower and 3) eat breakfast. Because yes, I need the reminders. Otherwise I sometimes wander around aimlessly for hours trying to decide what to do first. I think I wasn't always this absent minded but I can't really remember.

This morning after heroically achieving #1 and #2 on the list (I did remember to #3 but not until the last minute as I was on my way out the door) I set off into the wide world to accomplish #'s 5-7, namely; Go to the bank, buy fish food, and pick up a prescription. After leaving the pharmacy I looked back at the list and realized that I'd missed #4. The only problem was, I had no idea what #4 was.

4) FM?

Wha...? I was distressed. How could I have no memory of a note I made last night of something I had to do, something so important that I believed it would be obvious to my tomorrow morning self even though it contained only two letters and a question mark ?? What is FM?? What does it mean?? What am I forgetting to do??!?!?

Okay, think.. Foment Mutiny? Free Murderers? Forge Metal? Fake Mono? Fold Magazines? Find Monkeys?

Nothing fit. I finally gave up. In fact I started this post with no idea of what FM? was and assumed I'd forgotten something vitally important. As soon as I typed the letters in though, I remembered. Can you guess what it was? Leave a comment with your guess.

(M & S, you so have an unfair advantage on this one, let the other kids guess first. ;)


echapralis said...

find money or maybe funky monkey as in pick up some Ben and Jerrys

Lisa said...

i can't think of anything that doesn't need to be censored.

when will you tell?!

jess said...

Hmm, well despite my shameless ploy for commenty love you're the only ones who have guessed. I've posted so seldom that I seem to have lost all but two of my three- no four- faithful readers. *sigh*

So all right, I'll end the suspense. It's kind of a let down really- Farmer's Market. And the question mark was because I wasn't definitely planning on going. It ends at one so you have to, like, get up, like, rilly rilly early on Saturday to go? Whatever.

Me & the McGuire twins used to use that abbreviation all the time, it was almost as handy as BS, which stood for a whole range of things, from Bible study, to baby spinach. I think what threw me off is that we use FM at work all the time to indicate the Fillmore store in SF on order forms so that's what immediately popped into my head and I was pretty darn sure that I hadn't planned on going to Fillmore that morning.

For humoring me and guessing Lisa and Lib win my undying love and gratitute. And maybe I'll make them each a card too.

echapralis said...

whoo hoo!

Sarah said...

Oh dear...I was totally rooting for Find Monkeys. I forgot!! I am terrible. But see? I do read your blog!