Thursday, September 13, 2007

Davenhooliganports. Or, Why I am weird

I was going to post a video, per Lib's request, of Peeyerpants Mountain Rd in Georgia, but blogger will not cooperate. So I offer instead, evidence that my family really is
a) Large
b) Completely Insane.

Hopefully, for those of you who have not had the frightening experience delightful pleasure of meeting them, this will explain a lot about me.
Katie-16, the baby sister. Such debauchery in one so young.
Dad, trimming the lawn by hand. We bought him a lawn mower for Christmas one year, but he prefers to do it, "The same way Moses and Jesus trimmed their lawns." He is an old-fashioned guy, my dad. And very perseverent.
Mom, smelling her armpits. Katie, rolling her eyes, as per usual. For the record, Katie is much more often seen with a book in hand than a beer.
Sean-y Pepper-18, baby bro. Being mock-assaulted by Julie-26 who lives in Wales whales (just like Jonah!)
Our driver for the 2007 East Coast Tour- Georgia or bust. Eyes on the road, mister!

That is by no means all of them, but I seem to have used my alloted picture space for this post. To be continued..

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