Thursday, September 27, 2007


Emily, from Wheels on the Bus, kindly agreed to interview even though I am a lousy commenter over at her place. Check her out. Her blog is in the midst of a change but whatever it settles into it will be good. Her writing is inspiring.

1) What started you blogging?

I'd taken a hiatus from writing after discovering several years ago that I was not actually cut out for what I assumed I'd do when I grew up. Specifically, write fiction. I don't think I've ever managed to satisfactorily end a story. Clearly this was not the calling I thought it was, and I buried my disappointment in not writing at all. Blogging has allowed me to reconnect with an essential part of myself that I was afraid I had lost. I love to write, tell stories, and make people laugh; blogging allows me to do all three.

2) You seem very close to your family. Please tell me something (1 or 2 sentences) about each.

Well, as a collective they're fairly insane, but always in a way that makes for very good stories. My parents have been married for almost 38 years. My nephews call my dad Grumpy instead of Grandpa. This is actually quite appropriate. He's like a burnt marshmallow, crusty on the outside but soft on the inside. My mom is now a lunch lady in the elementary school I went to. Which is weird. Update!!!! She has been fired after a scandal involving lunch money!!! I never knew you had it in ya, Mom. And before you protest, please note that update was factually correct even if a bit... misleading. ;)

My sister Lib has produced [just for me!] one of the all-time cutest nephews in the world. For Christmas she is making me my first niece!! Right now she is on bed rest so that my Christmas present will not arrive too early. She is also one of my closest friends.

My sister Julie was born while we were living in Venezuela and she met her Welsh husband while they were both working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. She is the adventurous, world traveler of the family. Also (according to my dad) she is the smartest.

My brother Daniel married at a ridiculously young age but he's also (co)produced two of the all-time cutest nephews in the world, so I don't really mind. He's married to Danielle. No, really. Sometimes we call them Dan & Dan.

My brother Zach is in the army. He's in Iraq. All I want for Christmas (besides a healthy niece) is for him to come home safe and sound. And possibly come to California to live with me. We like to talk about books.

My brother Sean is a red-headed ladies man. When he was small he always had a harem of neighborhood girls following him around. Not much has changed. I called him Pookie when he was wittle.

My baby sister Katie is 16- the same age that I was when she was born. I am old! Katie is my clone. She loves books more than people and cultivates writing skills and sarcasm.

It was fun and crazy and sometimes frustrating growing up in a large family. As the oldest I got to boss everybody around but I also felt responsible for taking care of my siblings and when I couldn't, I sometimes took it out on them. Emily, I know, in a small way, how Helen felt. Don't give up on her, she might not be able to express it now, but I know she loves you.

3) What do you like most about where you live?

The weather and the beauty of the landscape. I moved to Northern California with no intention of staying here. I thought I'd stay for a year, experience life in the other side of the country, then go back to New England where I belonged. I thought milder climes were for wimps. The first winter I spent without winter reminded me that I have always been a wimp and I decided to stop trying to fight it. Also, I have a great community of friends and loved ones here and I like that I made it myself.

4) Who do you most like to spend Saturday afternoon with?

Up until recently I worked every Saturday. I have however,

a) started getting weekends off
b) found someone who I rather enjoy spending them with :)

I can't tell you his name as this is the internet and tons of people three people read this blog so his superhero identity would be compromised if I told you his name. I will call him Shmichael because that way you will never figure out what his real name is. He fetches things for me when my knee is broken. He brought me a gen-oo-wine ice pack so I don't have to rely on frozen corn anymore. He is nice. I think I will keep him.

5) How would you describe Monday mornings in your life?

My work schedule is changeable so it varies, but on a typical Monday morning I sleep late, dawdle over breakfast while reading blogs & email, then head into work around 12:30. The drawback to this is that I don't get home until 9:30 or 10. I work at this fun store and I get paid to wrap presents!!!

This is for Lib, who is bored and has run out of books.

updated 10/02
I forgot to add that I'd be happy to interview anyone else (Katie?). Just leave a coment or send me an email.


Yo Mama said...

just for the record,the lunch money issue was over not wanting to be the one to have to count the money and dad says I may have a law suit brewing over the whole issue---stay tuned! If I get a big settlement we'll fly out to Ca. to meet all your friends (ha,ha you think you can embarrass me!! you ain't seen nuthin yet, sister!)
Also, I beg to differ with your assessment of your vocation--you are a wonderful writer and could write great fiction or anything else if you were not such a perfectionist! You have definitely inherited the writing gene from Poppi, although you spell a whole lot better than he does! I echo your sentaments re:Zach---I am increcibly proud of you and I love you ,even if you distill the sum total of my existance into "My mom is a lunch lady" You could have at least said I "looks pretty good for an old broad"( as Poppi would say) and that I don't wear a hair net!
R-E-S-P-E-C-T, of it I do not get any( you have to sing it to hear it)

Emily said...

Wow. That's a lot of siblings. Your mom is not a lunch lady -- she is a saint.

Oh, and sorry about the other knee. I have a tendency to walk into fire hydrants, so I know from klutzy.

echapralis said...

Thanks Jess,
do you and schmichael want to come over tomorrow and watch a movie or something? Neil is going to a wedding and Luke is having a sleepover at Gram and Gramps so i will be all-a-lonley. If you get on a plane about now you should make it in plenty of time. Ooh I'll just send over the family's private jet. Daddydums won't mind. what do you say?

Christine said...

Man. Just think. If I'd paid attention and read this post and the "farm boy" comment in a timely fashion, I'd be clued in much earlier. :-)

Yay for Farm Boy. Tres Bien.

And you make me laugh too. I think you have more than three people reading this thing. After all, I put your blog on my blog. And that ought to generate an elephant stampede of traffic.