Monday, September 24, 2007


Did you know that crepe streamers are almost exactly like ace bandages? More fragile, yes, but with the same stretchy qualities. Excellent. This is what led to me scooting around the kitchen on a wheeled office chair with a bag of frozen corn tied to my knee with a purple party streamer. Not the only thing, obviously. It was a combination of hunger and extreme kneecap pain that made it.. somewhat unpleasant to walk added to the lack of a proper ice pack or ace bandage. Ingenuity or insanity? You pick.

I don't have any idea what's wrong. I'm going to try to get a doctor's appt tomorrow but for now I am hitting the leftover Vicodin and indulging in couch-sitting cookie-therapy. My favorite kind. Possibly, later, a cute boy will come over and then I will look pathetic and order him to collect random objects for me.

Fetch me that pitcher, farm boy

All in all, well worth the pain.


Jenn said...

Ingenuity, all the way baby.

l i s a said...

where's the pic?

maybe you don't want the farm boy--look how badly the whole "as you wish" thing turned out.

but if there was a cute boy, i want to know the details.

Snooley said...

Pictures or it didn't happen :)

Just kidding, so sorry your knee is out of commission these days. I once dislocated my kneecap playing basketball (I was SO good I played on a team called the Vacuums - because we had various functions in common). I had to wear a brace that kept my leg straight for a month - treachery when you live on a hilly campus teeming with staircases.

Rest up!!

slouching mom said...

Sorry about the knee! Keep using those crepe streamers -- they're certainly more colorful than ace bandages, if nothing else.

And the frozen corn -- ingenious!

I'd bet on you if we were stranded on an island somewhere.

jess said...

Thanks for the well wishes. My knee has mostly recovered, just the odd twinge now and then. I did not take a picture J & L, sorry! i am working on a photographic re-creation though. Be patient!