Monday, October 1, 2007

Conversation with a three-year-old

Me- seriously, using my years of accumulated nanny wisdom: When I tell you that it's time to get in the car you need to listen to me.

Little Boy- giggling: Noooo, I just say "NO!" and run away!

Me: Well, if you do, I might have to put you in time out when we get home.

LB- still giggling: Nooooo, you won't! I'll just say "NO!!" and run away!!!!

Me- exasperatedly: Well then I'll have to sit on you.

LB: Okay!

Me: *sigh* You win.

That's what they mean by "babysitting," right? Right???

It's a good thing he's cute enough to get away with it.


Sarah said...

Sheesh...all these postings! You're a blogging machine.

"I'll sit on you"...hmmm. I'm not sure that would work on me.

Christine said...

Cecily's big brother once wrote on a kitchen chalkboard, "Watch out, our cat might sit on you!"

It was a big, fat, marmalade cat. Very Morris. It was a genuine threat.