Sunday, December 30, 2007

Doesn't get any cuter


Sarah said...

Wow, what a perfect little doll. SO CUTE! My head is exploding from the cuteness. But why does L look tired?

BTW, I just looked at your profile, and I never realized before that you are a nuclear physicist.

jess said...

Not many people realize that about me but yes, I am a nuclear physicist. I don't work in that field, however, because the job was nnot challenging enough.

And thank you for your compliments, although I think you're going too far to say that I'm a perfect little doll. I am perfect, yes, but let's not exaggerate.

p.s. I think Libby looks tired because she has been staying up all night playing video games again.

Morgan said...

Wow, I'm a nuclear physicist too! Wait, no, I'm a computer scientist.

That's one cute baby. Libby looks really tired. Oh, games. Wow, that whole having-a-baby thing must have been easy, then :)

So tiny!!


christine said...

dinky tiny pink cuteness in all the nicest extremes!!!!

Are you there or are you homesick right now?

jess said...

Not there, but sick enough leading up to the holidays that I was unable to be anything but grateful that I was not traveling. I am more baby-sick than anything else. I keep trying to get my family to send some of that cuteness out here but they say small children don't ship well.

Ginny said...

oh my goodness she is precious!