Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I have been posting out of order (well, in order, technically) since posts that I started way back when stay there unless I manually change the date. Which I don't always do because, y'know, I meant to finish and post them before the more recent ones. All this is to say that sometimes the first post that pops up is not the latest one and you should scroll down if you don't want to miss anything. And I KNOW you don't wanna miss anything, becuz, like, my blog is, like, totally, like, awesome. Dude.


l i s a said...

this post confused me. oh, well.

i just finished The Book Thief. it slayed me. thank you for the recommendation. good writing, good story. i wish it wasn't a library book because i want to cut out the pages with max's stories and post them somewhere.

'til your next post--maybe i'll find it in the october archives?

jess said...

Sorry, I just meant the last few. For ex: I started the post about my mom months ago but just finished it so it ended up behind the more recently started & finished posts. If you want new ones to pop up just add me to a reader (google "reader" and you'll see what i mean. I recommend the google reader :)