Sunday, March 9, 2008


Hi Chris,

Smokey (Smoky?) is doing well and seems to be enjoying
the attention he's getting (don't believe anything he
tells you otherwise). Here are some pics i took on


Deer Krees.

Pleez halp. Thes grl you hiard to feed me is- how yu say?- makeng me to loose the marblz. She put toys on mah hed like a beray and tak picturs, comprmizing mah manli catliness and makng me too speek in zis stupeed French acent. Also she nevr fede me and I am wastng awa. Plz com hom as sun as posibl and breng tuna.


p.s. Dont bothr to com withot teh tuna


Sarah said...

Maybe the beret would have been more, err, manly if you had put it on tilted. He looks like a baker's assistant. A really, really grumpy baker's assistant.

jess said...

Yah, it's actually a car buffer thingy which he thinks is a cat toy. Sometimes he puts it in his water dish, which seems counter-productive on several levels. But he sure is cute when he puts his head on my arm while I'm petting him.