Friday, March 21, 2008

Details, details...

I know, I promised, so here's the story (short version, because even I'm tired of the details): I impulsively resigned from my job and failed to look for a new one. I moved out of my apartment and in with some friends who were nice enough to take me in for a bit. I decided to go home for a bit to recoup and psyche myself up for looking for a new place (again), moving (again), and finding a new job. Yippee.


Perhaps my lack of enthusiasm is apparent? It's okay, that's just the PMS talking. I'll feel better in a few days. Boy, is Michael lucky he doesn't have to be stuck on a plane for 10 hours with me when I'm in this sort of mood. By Wednesday, when we depart, I should be back to a (somewhat*) normal state.

Michael finds it amusing to proclaim that he is taking a visit to Munchkinland. Apparently this is reference to my (and my relatives') stature or lack thereof. I warned him that my dad has a bb gun but he's unrepentant and in defense of my family's and the entire state of RI's size issues I am going to resort to underhanded smear tactics.

How seriously can you take a man who snuggles with a pink blankie??

This is the Jessica for Prezedent campaign and I approve this message.

For the record, this is totally not a staged photo in which I put Michael up to snuggling with my speshul pink stripey blankie that Sarah made me and then took a picture of him when he wasn't looking.

Also: Isn't he cute?

* Since normal is not a word that is used often to describe me at any time of the month.


Michael said...

Obviously these disrespectful comments and this poorly forged photograph do not represent any of my positions.

I have every respect for the hard-working and patriotic citizens of Rhode Island and it would be beneath me to make slanderous accusations regarding their stature.

It is apparent that these accusations are the product of a vast right-wind conspiracy.

l i s a said...

i was going to leave a comment making some snide remark about jess being worried about taking michael to see her family when she's the scary, blackmailing one.

but i am stuck trying to figure out what a right-wind conspiracy is . . . and wanting to make a joke about how all of jess's family will be "beneath" michael. from one member of a short family to another, that is.

jess said...

True, if he's survived me this far my family should be a breeze!

Anonymous said...

Michael, Michael...obviously you haven't researched RI enough! We are a small, corrupt state, and we NEVER believe people who call us hard-working and patriotic! LOL I mean, we are, but don't be such a blatant kiss-up!

I know that you can't wait to meet me,

Anonymous said...

OMG I made that blankie...

(showers in hot water)

Think of the children!!!