Friday, March 21, 2008

Forecast weather conditions for Rhode Island, next week

Highs of 50 degrees. Rain. More rain. More coldness.

Tell me again why I decided to go to New England in March?

Today I took a nap outside, in the backyard, in the just warm enough to be perfectly nice without being hot afternoon sun. Of course yesterday is was windy and freezing and I had to go put more layers on three times before I was able to leave the house and I was still cold. But at least we have days like this in between the bad ones. What was I thinking?


Michael said...

Crap, do I even own a raincoat?

l i s a said...

it doesn't matter, michael, you'll be miserable in a rhode island march no matter what.

and jess, you're going in march to remind yourself why you like living in california. i personally only go east in real winter or in summer and then i complain the whole time. of course i complain about vancouver weather all the time, too. huh.

jess said...

Good point, Lisa. This way I won't be tempted to stay long.

Anonymous said...

Of course, you won't be tempted UNTIL you get together with ME, and then you will curse the day you left your beloved New England. :)