Wednesday, March 5, 2008

No autographs, please. I'm far too busy and important

OMG, like, Flutter and Jess actually read my blog. I am totally famous!


wheelsonthebus said...

Pretty cool, huh?

jess said...

Sheesh, AND Emily! Plus all the people who already know me and are sick of hearing about my life already (except for those far away who I'm horrible at keeping in touch with- sorry guys!). I'm totally going to quit my day job and - oh wait, I already did that!!

Thanks for reading peoplez!! I am humbled and grateful.

flutter said...

I'm famous enough that my reading you makes you famous?

The hell you say!! That rules..

l i s a said...

i read your blog, too! 'cept i'm not famous. . .

really glad to see updates. looking forward to more actual info:).

hope the stability guy delivers.

slouching mom said...

flutter cracks me up every time. pirate cat's pretty good, too.

thanks for being my heavy, jess, all -- what was it? -- 100 pounds of you.

eat something, girl!