Friday, April 18, 2008


OMG!! Have been nominated for a blog award! By OTJ (which you may note, can be rearranged to form TOJ or The other Jess. Spoooky). Have exactly 0 votes!! Whoo!! If so inclined, feel free to change that number.

And thanks, Jessica, I'm incredibly flattered! :)



l i s a said...

heavens to b-e-t-s-y. i had to get an account to vote for you and could not for the life of me get through that registration process as quickly as you'd think an educated, computer literate person should. perhaps i will join in the senility wagon soon.

(p.s. i think you misspelled TOJ's website. i know this because you got me started reading her)

(p.p.s. if you get more than 10 votes, does that mean you'll blog more often?:)

jess said...

Whoops, I always do that!!! There's no "h" in the url. Fixing it!

And to the last question, yes, perhaps, until I have to find reputable employment again. :)