Monday, April 28, 2008


revised 5/05/08

you catch my eye and I wonder,
what difference is there between us?
why are you dirty, bedraggled, hungry,
while i am well-fed and lead an easy life?

and i know it is nothing but chance.
that i would wear your ragged clothes,
but for an tiny blip of birth, or fate,
or the will of God.

does God give things that lead to where you are?
does "there but for His grace, go I,"
mean He has given me grace,
and shown you none?

I do not understand.

but i stand humbled,
by the chance to share my lunch with you.
surely, in this encounter,
i am the one who is blessed.

for He lets me see a glimpse of the kingdom,
of that long-awaited day,
when i will be last,
and you will be first.


MoziEsmé said...

How true. And it is when people are most down and out that God will have His finest hour - not only in their lives but in those who interact with them. Thanks for sharing your lunch!

flutter said...

I loved this!

yumbrad said...

Beautiful poem...

Michael said...

You have a good heart, Little Lass.