Saturday, April 5, 2008

I'm working on a post about last weekend but-

I'm being held up by the fact that 1) I left my camera in San Jose, 2) I discovered that it really is useful to have a phone that takes pictures but I can't figure out how to get them off of the frocking phone and on to my computer. Bluetooth, my left elbow! (I'm trying out a new method of swearing without actually freaking anyone my mom out. For instance substituting less-offensive body parts and interesting words for the standard ones, which were getting boring anyway). Sweet Narragansett quahogs!! I just hit my thumb with a clucking hammer ?!! (How is it working?)

Where was I? Oh yes, 3) the post I have pictures for needs permission to be published since they happen to be pictures of other people's kids.

So I'm getting there, I swear (holy turnip paste!!). Soon I will tell you all about how Michael shocked and appalled several nice older ladies who were taking a relaxing morning stroll, by pretending to push me off of the dock into Narragansett harbor. I'm so going to get him back for that...


l i s a said...

oh, good. as long as the excuses for not posting are posted, that's acceptable. i support all people with excuses for not getting done the thing they want to do (or others want them to do!).

flutter said...

holy turnip paste?

oh dear!