Saturday, April 26, 2008

On the various and sundry good qualities of the man we call Mike Brazil

This is a long-overdue tribute to a RGG- Really Great Guy. I thought long and hard (for at least 30 seconds) about how to construct this label. My first instinct was Very Good Man, but "VGM" reminded me of  Eve Ensler. I'm severely tempted to make an inappropriate joke here because RGG's name just lends itself perfectly, but lots of people from my church read this, so I'm trying hard to restrain myself.

Michael Brazil is a guy that goes to my church's 20's* group. (not to be confused with Michael Boeddiker, that's my beau) He's hilarious, and an amazing writer, though he has not so far responded to my attempts to get him to keep a regular blog. (Why won't more people listen to me. I know EVERYthing!) We're friends and yet I don't really see him that often or know him nearly as well as I'd like to. 

*Yes, I'm aware of the fact that it has been a long time since I was anywhere near 20. Shut up.

In spite of that, I think he's shown up every single time I've pathetically asked for moving help (I move on an average of 1.2 times a year, just for fun**) and hauled my crap into and out of U-haul trucks, up and down various flights of stairs in several different houses/apartments. Even the time I was extremely lame and waited until the day I needed help (or possibly late the night before) to send out an email because I hate asking for help so much that I thought maybe putting it off would make it easier (Note: It did not.)

**Not really. [The "for fun" part, I mean. The moving part is, unfortunately all too real.]

I tried to offer to make him cookies but he demurred, he was watching his caloric intake. I wracked my brain trying to think if a proper way to thank him. Then it struck me: What better way to thank someone than to publicly embarrass them?!? And, Dude? I totally rock at that!

Therefore, without further ado:

  Mike B., The RGG

Mike Brazil, he's not a pill,
If he were a pickle, he'd be a dill*
If he were mail- he would not be a bill,
But a letter or postcard that gives you a thrill.

He's a bucket of sunshine, a sprinkling of dew,
A sweet smelling fragrance that does not smell like poo. 

He's available ladies, as far as I know,
He would make some nice girl a very fine beau. 
So listen up chicas, I'm preaching the facts,
If this guy asks you out, do not give him the axe.**

*Kosher dill pickles are my favorites, therefore they are the best.

**Warning: Agreeing to go out for coffee with a boy named Michael B. has been known to the state of California to lead to situations like this:
 And premature aging. In spite of that, we heartily recommend it.

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Ginny said...

here here! 3 cheers for Mike Brazil!