Thursday, April 3, 2008

So many Davenports

So I put M on a plane this afternoon and he's back in San Jose as of a few hours ago.


I'm going to miss him but now that he's not here to distract me (Oh, yes, you do!) I can get back to updating you masses with fascinating glimpses into this, our first shared vacation in my ancestral homeland. I know, I know, you've been bored for days waiting for me to post. Well, friends, the waiting is over.

So on Saturday M not only experienced my entire-family-except-for-Julie-and-Huw at a dinner that included: small baby crying, his girlfriend absconding with said baby followed by her utter failure to make the baby stop crying (long live The Baby Whisperer), various family members being obnoxiously inappropriate (for instance someone who was definitely not me but may have been my 4-year-old nephew may have asked him if he liked see food "seafood" while he was eating, and then may or may not have- witnesses' reports vary- opened his/her mouth to show the honored guest what may or may not have been some partially chewed food), and frightening talk of a dark family secret we refer to as "The Laundry Room."

The fact that he did not run in terror is a testament to this man's bravery, but what is even more amazing is that he voluntarily went directly from this chamber of horrors dinner to a birthday party for my cousin's wife that contained at least twenty members of my extended family. Many of which were... less-than-sober. I tell you, the man is a saint. Or possibly just out of his mind. Just for fun, quiz him on the names of my 15 cousins and their children next time you see him.

Next: Adventures in Getting Times All Wrong and Missing Stuff or Jess's Brain Just Ain't What it Used to Be

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Michael said...

My vote is for insane.