Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sunday in the Islands- Or how I am the worst ex-nanny Ever

So my longest job as a nanny was for the P's. I started taking care of Bub when he was 5 months old and three years later his sister Peaches was born. I was their nanny until Bub was 6 and Peaches was 3, at which point they were both in school and didn't need a nanny anymore. I lived next door in the guest house (it was- really- the sweetest deal ever). Those years, living in that idyllic spot and taking care of kids I adored, are some of the happiest I've ever had.

I try to spend as much time with the kiddos as I can on visits back home, which, unfortunately, doesn't usually amount to much. The last time I saw them was Christmas 2006 and W was this tall:


Fast forward to this visit, when I introduced Michael to 'my babies,' one of whom is the same height as me when I'm having a tall day. He's not quite 11, folks. those of you who know me IRL are aware of my [ahem] vertically challenged-ness. I'm maybe 5' when I'm standing up really straight. So it may not be that surprising that half of the kids I've nannied for in the past decade or so, are taller than me now, but really- 10 years old?!?

Little Peach is also no longer little -at and will doubtless tower over me in a few short years. They're smart, hilarious, fun kids and of course adorable. I am not at all biased. Honest!!

Captain Picard and the crew of the Starship Enterprise make an historic- if slightly blurry- visit to The Krusty Krab

So where was I?... Ah, yes: BAD nanny. Let me 'splain... No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

It happens that Peaches' birthday is in March and since her party happened to be last weekend, Michael and I were invited to go along. It was a seal-watching boat trip out of Newport and then lunch at a local seafood restaurant -one I'd been meaning to take M to anyway, because they make the best clam chowder. So Sunday morning, still on Pacific time, we dragged our lazy selves out of bed and managed to leave for the dock only ten minutes late or so. Except that upon carefully re-reading the invitation- something I had not bothered to do because have I mentioned yet that I'm an idiot?- I found that 10:30 was not the time we were supposed to meet at the dock, 10:30 was the time the boat was leaving the dock. 10:30 sharp, that is. Don't be late or the boat will leave your sorry ass behind.

Can you guess how the next part of this story goes?

You're going to have to, because I just this very minute decided to make this a two-part post.

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l i s a said...

ahhhhhhh, the suspense!

i can't believe how big those kids are. doesn't time stand still in b'woods?

i commented on the post about luke but it didn't show up, i guess. nephews are pretty amazing, aren't they?