Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sunday In the Islands, Part II

What was I saying?

Ahhhh, I was talking about my poor time-telling skills. Yeah, so we missed the boat, obviously. In fact we may actually not have missed the boat, as B & P's dad told me later that it didn't end up leaving right on time. But of course, owing to a combination of the dire warning on the invite [I happened to be at my parents' house when my mom read this post and she was shocked and horrified that I used the word a*s "For the whole internet to see!!!!" I assured her that I was using the word in a non-sweary way, as in, "The boat will leave your sorry donkey behind if you're not there on time."] and the fact that I got a new cell phone right before I left and neglected to transfer all of my numbers so I couldn't call the P's cell and ask if they were still on the dock...I assumed that at 10 minutes late, the boat would definitely have left by the time we got there. In a burst of inspired brilliance, I decided that there was no point in continuing over the next bridge to Newport* and paying a toll since one of my favorite places is in Jamestown.

We turned of at the last exit before the Pell bridge and found a little coffee shop with hot beverages and pastries. Then we wandered around the harbor where Michael shocked the ladies and finally headed over to a state park located at the south end of Jamestown. Beavertail is the end of the island, a rocky promontory whose lighthouse is so old that the British burned the original building. It's one of my favorite places and we had a nice time watching the waves crashing against the rocks and snuggling. With our breakfasts of course, not each other. My pastry got a little smushed.

I had looked at the invitation (which was still on my laptop, I don't know why that matters but I figure it's worth a try: Hey, the glare prevented me from reading the time properly. Even though it was overcast. And we were in the car.) and ascertained that the post-boat-trip crowd was meeting for lunch at 1:30. Note that this is not the same as 11:30, which was, of course, what the invitation actually said, and made infinitely more sense since who takes a bunch of 8-year-olds out on a three-hour boat trip? With all that time to kill we were actually early arriving at the restaurant. Only to receive strange looks from the management when we asked about the birthday-party. Turns out the only birthday party scheduled for the day had been three hours ago. Or, in other words, at 11:30.

At least we got to have lunch, but I felt like a grade-A ass donkey for missing my little Peaches' birthday party. I did atone by taking the kiddoes to the Children's Museum later that week so I think they forgave me. Still, one has to wonder what exactly is wrong with mah brain. Who gets that many things wrong in so short a time? Sometimes I worry about the old brain.

If you don't hear from me again, just assume advanced senility has set in and I'm drooling in a wheelchair somewhere.

*For you non-Rhode Islanders, Newport is a city on Aquidneck Island, which is sandwiched between teeny Conanicut Island and the mainland (Conanicut Island being sandwiched between Aquidneck and the mainland on the other side). Oh for Heaven's sake, just look at the map already. Conanicut consists of Jamestown. That's about it. This lesson in RI geography brought to you by the Institute for the Advanced study of the Soon to be Senile, or I. ASSS .

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l i s a said...

to the non-rhode islanders, i lived there for four years and still find it confusing.

this is a very sad story, jess. i wish i had some advice on getting the old brain circuits greased but i'm well-known for my own blunders. at least you and michael (i mean you and your pastry) were able to make the best of it.