Sunday, April 27, 2008


Apparently someone recently escaped (as in, he was released after his American friends put pressure of the Egyptian govt.- not a dynamite-the-cell-wall type of escape) wrongful imprisonment in an Egyptian prison thanks to Twitter updates he sent out with his cell phone. 

So I signed up (see top right corner of page) because YOU NEVER KNOW!!! 

I promise, however, not to start twittering pointless escapades of my daily life (Jess is studiously working on the hand bound book she promised! Jess is making toast! Jess is stuffing her face with M&M's! Jess is being strangled by a fed-up blog reader!). I prefer to bore you in longer form, so I'll stick to publishing posts.

If I suddenly disappear, check here first for possible clues. (Jess has been abducted by aliens!)

1 comment:

slouching mom said...

i think i'm too old to understand twitter. hell, i barely understand the mechanics of blogging.

refrain from twittering (is that even a word?) about your daily visits to the bathroom, and you should be just fine.