Monday, May 5, 2008

I miss my nephew. :(

I keep trying to get Lib to ship him to me, C.O.D., but she won't. So Mean!

Also, Michael has deserted me for the high life. Or something like that. He left this morning for a two-week work trip. To Las Vegas. Uh-huh, I am so sure that he has to do important satellite-related testing while surrounded by showgirls! I'm totally not buying it and you can rest assured that I will be checking his shirts for lipstick stains and cheap perfume when he gets back.


l i s a said...

Couldn't help but notice the juxtaposition of your reference to Michael's showgirls and "have a little faith":).

i have no fast-food memories as a childhood. does that mean my BK experiences weren't as memorable as yours or that my parents had somehow already been warned about the dangers of french fry envy? i do remember friendly's with my grandparents, however. i miss friendly's:(. (not that i'd actually want to eat there now.)

jess said...

*Snort* I hadn't even thought of that. In any case, M ran into some friends from church on the plane and they went clubbing last night (the friends are event-planners in Vegas for work so they got the VIP treatment) so he got to experience the Vegas night-life.

As for BK, your parents are "liberal do-gooders," remember? They believed all the lies the eeevil liberal media spun about the dangers of wholesome American fast food. My parents, on the other hand, are true patriots, although they were also big fans of Friendly's ice-cream.