Monday, May 12, 2008


I forgot (because I am a terrible daughter who writes mean! things! about what it was like growing up in my family) to put this link up yesterday but Happy Mother's Day everyone- a little late.

M's Day has been extended in my family anyway, since my mom is not getting her flowers until tomorrow because there was a tragic national disaster between here and the east coast that prevented flower delivery on Sunday
The internet died for the three weeks before mother's day, preventing me from ordering them at a reasonably early date I am a lazy good-fer-nuthin daughter who waited until two days before Sunday to order flowers and was too cheap to pay the outrageous weekend, rush delivery fees that would have cost twice as much as the flowers. Actually, I knew Mom would approve of my thriftiness. She was actually upset with me for spending money to buy her fancy flowers in the first place.

My mom is a peach. She raised 7 hooligans of her own (technically she's still working on it, the youngest is 17) and now she works with disabled kids. We all love to tease and bug her until she's ready to tear her hair out but she loves us anyway.

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