Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Some Great Distractions


Baby fawn rescue. Awwwww. I especially love the one of the fawn splayed out like Bambi on the ice.

Fuzzy duckling. Snoring. Ridiculously cute.

Lolcats, of course. cat

Faces in Places A cool photo blog anyone can contribute to.


A store I need to visit next time I'm in NYC.

Some of my favorite online paper stores: Papermojo, Hollander's, Paper Source, of course, Paper Studio, The Japanese Paper Place

Lara Cameron's Pattern tester. A fun toy that lets you design your own fabric, although as far as I can tell she doesn't do custom orders any longer.

A Google Image game (which I suck at). It shows you a bunch of Google images and you have to guess the search word that prompted them.

Dafonts, a very cool website with reams of free fonts you can download.

Just Plain Useful

Yelp I've been surprised several times lately to recommend only to be met with a blank stare. Everyone should know about this great resource. You can search local businesses for reviews (or write your own) by customers. I've used Yelp to find everything from an auto mechanic to a hairdresser.

Library books. The coolest app for Macs; it's a free download that keeps track of your library books automatically and tells you when they're due. Unfortunately my current library doesn't work with it. :(


Snooley said...

fun selection of tips ;)

Gypsy Guru said...

I clicked through BlackHockeyJesus' blog to get to yours because my tiny in-womb person will be named Zoe (if she's a girl) and I thought it was super cool that you had the etymology of the name at the top of the blog. My Zoe will be Zoe Chastain, "Pure Life". Then I found the beautiful Sigur Ros videos and fell in love. Now, I watch a baby duck snoring and giggle, then find a tear-eliciting story of a family who has recently lost.

As a friend has recently pointed out, it's been a long time since I've blogged anything. Thanks to you, I'm inspired again. Merci beaucoup!