Monday, August 18, 2008

Dear Sensodyne

I had to write to you,
Your toothpaste tastes like poo.
I tried and tried to like it, but it makes me gag, (it's true!)

I have enamel loss,
It makes me turn and toss,
with worry for the future of my toothses' yellow* gloss.

I bought your party line,
"Quick, use some Sensodyne!"
To stop the wearing of enamel off these teeth of mine.

Oh makers of toothpaste,
I wish you would make haste,
to make enamel-tooth-care with a less-disgusting taste.

*The Sensodyne Pronamel tm toothpaste box warns that when your enamel wears off, your teeth look yellow, but my enamel is yellow so the teeth underneath are actually much whiter. Meh. Maybe I should scrape the rest of it off with a butter knife.

Also, the claim is that this stuff protects your enamel from acid wear but the active ingredients only differ from regular Sensodyne by .005 more or less than one of them (no, I don't remember what it's called. What do I look like, a toothpaste expert?). 20 points to anyone who has this stuff and can tell me why that hideous sweet-icky taste/scent is so familiar.

1 comment:

l i s a said...

never tried it. thanks for the warning. i'm getting used to the yellow teeth look.