Monday, August 11, 2008

Five Minutes Ago

True Story. I'd just finished convincing an presidential campaign staffer that I wasn't going to contribute to my nemesis adversary opponent's campaign not a hour before when the doorbell rang. I debated hiding, not really in the mood to find a polite way to say, Please leave me alone, again; but finally opened the door to find a young man, surely not out of his twenties, who proceeded to ask me if "my parents" were home.

I told him no and managed to keep a straight face until I closed the door. Looking like a 12-year-old has never come in so useful before.

Note, this photo is for illustrative purposes only. I wasn't actually wearing my hair like this when I answered the door. Honest.


flutter said...

I so don't believe you.

Amanda said...

Scary picture, Jess. :)

jess said...

I swear it's true, Flutter. Ask Amanda about the time the waitress asked if I was, "supposed to get the chicken fingers," at her sister's rehearsal dinner.

l i s a said...

well, i believe you, but i still made me want to hold my stomach and laugh out loud (at work). people can be idiots. . . and every once in a while it works in our favor.

Black Hockey Jesus said...

Where'd we go wronh, Jess? Miss you.