Thursday, August 21, 2008

For Lisa, Who Complained About My Failure to Elaborate

Yes, my wallet.


I either left it at the grocery store or dropped it in the parking lot, Sunday night. Either way someone must have found it, because I went back & looked Monday morning when I realized it was missing. There are quite a few resident homeless people (is that an oxymoron?) in this area so I'm hoping at least whoever took it needed the money. I am sad about the Shell gas cards though. :(

Anyhow, nothing more to see here, folks, move along.


litabug said...

The wallet thing didn't even register when I read that post. I was too excited about the video. Sorry! :( You should start carrying your money in a huge canvas tote like ours, bulging with notebooks and pens and sunscreen and wet wipes and stacks of two different sizes of diapers and a bottle or two. If I left that thing in a parking lot it would cause a car accident.

jess said...

No problems, Lita. I think I forgot I had mentioned it too until Lisa commented.

You're right though, my problem is I keep trying to downsize. Thus that day I didn't even have a bag, just wallet, keys & cell phone; and I was bound to forget something. D'oh!

Amanda said...

Sorry to hear about the wallet. I'm with Lita, if I ever left my bag somewhere, someone would call a bomb squad, it's so big.

Anyway, since you've been so kind as to comment on my blog, I've tagged you. :) Aren't I nice? Check out the blog to see why! (why I tagged you, not why I'm nice...we all know that I'm just naturally a kind, caring, nurturing individual.)

l i s a said...

thank you!

wallet loss is painful. and you can say resident homeless people--just because they don't have home, doesn't mean they live outside of physical space.

i'm just recently back from the u.s./mass/r.i. i forgot how much i like your home state, jess! too bad i didn't have time to see buttonwoods again.