Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Great Interview Experiment (sort-of)

I'm participating in the Great Interview Experiment but I've been severely delinquent in finishing my interview and posting it. I'm being interviewed by the fabulous Susan, from Joy Is Everywhere and it's funny that we ended up next to each other on the list since I think we might share a (warped) brain.

Just for kicks, I'm going to post the first question & answer tonight. The rest to follow later in the week.

Susan Spransy: You talk about this obsession you have with books. What would you say is the one book (or five if you must)* that you find yourself reading over and over?

Moi: Hmmm, I'd have to say that the books that have had the most impact on me are the ones I loved as a kid. These include Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia, The Dark is Rising sequence by Susan Cooper, Madeleine L'Engle's A Swiftly Tilting Planet, and to a lesser degree- Lloyd Alexander's Prydain Chronicles. I reread these constantly growing up and into adulthood.

It would be weird if I didn't mention the Bible here, since my faith is definitely something that defines me, but unsurprisingly, I thought it was the most boring book in the world when I was a kid and resented being forced to read & study it all the time (Christian school). Except for the exciting stories (Noah!), and the occasional turn of phrase that made my head spin (..the whole creation groans together in childbirth until now..), I generally related much more closely to the mystery** I found in places like Narnia and Cooper's Wales. It wasn't until years later that I recovered from my high school education that I was able to find all of that mystery in the Bible, although I had always equated it with God. p.s. I still think some parts are boring.

*She said five books, but I'm pretty sure she meant twenty.

**Mystery's the best label I have, though it falls short of describing what I'm talking about. This gets closer: "The German language has a word for this joyward longing that Lewis describes: sehnsucht. This is the haunting longing that touched Lewis throughout his life, that full, heavy, enveloping nostalgia for a fulfillment that awaited him—in something, somewhere."

Also, I need prayer. Tomorrow I will spend 7 hours trapped in a car with several people closely related to me.

It is an election year.

I refuse to talk about politics, but it doesn't always do any good.

Since my camera's still broken, let me share with you a brief moment from the last time I was on this sort of road trip. This is what I look like when I'm forced to listen to Rush Limbaugh on the car radio loud enough to drown out my ipod:


l i s a said...

aren't there laws against cruel and unusual punishment?

(oh, wait, i guess someone's admin rescinded those fancy-nancy laws)

jess said...

You know it, Lisa. Luckily I managed to get through the ride. I think Rush was on vacation or something. Whoo hoo!