Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bought a Bed!!

Michael and I jumped on a bunch of mattresses tonight and picked out a super comfy one for his new place. Fun! I've never actually purchased a brand new bed before. I feel like such a grownup. Now he just needs a dining room table so we don't have to sit on the floor to eat.

I'm going to make a highly experimental dessert for Thanksgiving at Zach's tomorrow. All I know so far is that it's going to consist of tart apples, that flaky layered pastry stuff, and sugarcinnamonnutmeg. I figure you can't possibly go wrong with those ingredients. I also bought an intruiging lemon at the local produce store the other day and I can't wait to try it with aforementioned ingredients. It's a sweet lemon. Yeah, me neither; but this guy in the store was raving about them and how he's never been able to find them anywhere else. According to him it's not a "sweeter" lemon, it's actually sweet. We'll see!

I've been working more this week and making a little money, which is never a bad thing (although at this point it just means that Michael is not going to be totally supporting me this month). The problem is, I can't make any progress on the Etsy shop when I'm working all the time. Grrr. It's frustrating because I've got so much fun stuff, I just need a few free days to work on the logistics of getting it up and out there. Two separate Thanksgivings with my & Michael's families make it a busy holiday weekend, but hopefully I can get some stuff done. I'm really trying to get the shop open before Sunday. My awesome friend Christy bravely volunteered to be my business partner and take care of all the stuff I'm bad at, but she already has a job that pays her actual money, so I'm thinking she might be a little preoccupied with, y'know, real work. Oh well.


Christy said...

So seriously Saturday I have no plans! Well, I think my mother wants me to help her install her floor, but that is negotiable. If you want help - I'm around! (and also on monday for some)

Christy said...

What happened to daily posts for November??!! I caught you woman!

jess said...

Don't a blogger get to take a holiday!? Okay you caught me. I'll try to be extra interesting today to make up for it.

I'm messaging you on FB.

l i s a said...

i hope you noticed that i didn't comment on your absence. i let you have a holiday, even if i didn't have one myself.

glad things went well at zach's yesterday.

Christy said...

Wow, l i s a is tough! I won't point out the Nov 27-end of month absence either, then, for fear of blog comment retribution.