Thursday, November 6, 2008

Email Inbox - 2004

I was going through my old emails when I came across these missives between my former housemates/partners-in-crime and I. This one features M, a criminal mastermind whose secret identity is that of a mild-mannered yet brilliant computer science professor in the wilds of Northwest Massachusetts. At the time of this dispatch, his secret identity was that of a mild-mannered yet brilliant PhD candidate in Providence.

This particular corespondence actually took place pre-housemate-ness when we lived in different states and had to plan complicate weekend excursions in order for M, S (M's faithful sidekick/fiance- mild-mannered luthier by day, vicious devourer of literary treatises by night) and I to have awesome adventures that usually consisted of sitting around and drinking hot chocolate, individually and deeply absorbed in our books.

Agent M,

We are a go for Saturday. I repeat Saturday is a go. Green light on movies and cute babies. You are approved for stinky diaper changing. Please advise as to time of arrival. Over and out.

-Agent J

Agent J:

Will deploy at 14:00, ETA 15:00 on Saturday. Is that sufficient time to intercept target? Will operations involve both land and sea?

-Agent M

Agent M,

15:00 is acceptable. Sea operations might be involved, bring adequate flotation devices. It has come to our attention that you were in doubt about the success of today's mission involving motor vehicles and this agent's driving abilities. Will talk to your immediate supervisor for disciplinary procedure. Agent S curious about your ETA tonight on mission "Mustard Meal with Multiple Jess's" Agent S is currently involved with preparation procedures. Please advise.

Agent J

Agent J1,

Am en route to safe house now.

Agent M

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Sus said...

Haha. I love it. You guys are hilarious!