Sunday, November 23, 2008

Finally, someone is moving who is not me!!!!

Michael has a groovy new pad! He moved yesterday into a great apartment about a mile & a half from me. I'm pretty sure he did it because he couldn't bear the distance that he lived from me. It was all of 15 minutes by car so you can understand how a besotted young man would pine away with such a geographical gulf between himself and his One. True. Love.

Anyway, he didn't come right out and say it, but I'm fairly sure all that muttering about moving in the opposite direction, or maybe to a different state and not giving me the address, was just Manly Bluster, designed to cover up the fact that he couldn't live without me. I'm completely confident that soon he is going to give me a key and tell me what apartment number he's in.

Okay, I do have a key. :) I helped* him move in yesterday and last night we made an endless a delightful trip to Target to procure important things like a toaster (no bread was purchased, however so I don't know what he's doing with it, toasting his socks, perhaps?) and argue over whether anyone could possibly do anything with a microwave that would justify rejecting a used model on the grounds that, "You never know where it's been."

Today, off to Ikea, the kingdom of cheap furniture and Swedish meatballs, where I plan to bounce on all the mattresses and test out ever single comfy chair. And yes, I do feel somewhat better today. Although I would advise against getting up at 6:15, having hot chocolate and sugary cereal, and then going back to bed at 8. My heartburn has heartburn.

*If by helped, one means "made witty observations, held the door open while he and his dad carried stuff through it, and brought two boxes of Jell-o to christen the cupboards with because Michael bought them for me when I was sick and later delighted in telling me about how Jell-o is made from horse's hooves and glue and now I will never eat it again."


Christy said...

OOOH, Ikea is tantilizing. I love the Erktop chair. Perfect for sitting the wrong direction (think: feet over arm chair part) when reading.

Great "helping"

l i s a said...

Jell-O is gross. Not sure if hot chocolate and sugary cereal is a much better way to start the day.
Try not to scare him off now that he's so accessible. :)
But seriously, hope you kids have fun!

Anonymous said...

I haven't ever been to IKEA.

Christy said...

Only some one anonymous would admit to ever having been to Ikea.

Which is only an acceptable excuse if said Annonymous writer lives at least 2 hours from an Ikea location.

jess said...

Well, many of my esteemed readers reside in Rhode Island, a sadly Ikea-less state, so it's understandable. I don't know about now, but when I lived there the closest on was in Long Island- a 4+ hour drive, so many New Englanders have had to learn to live without cheap Swedish furniture.

Mrs. Meyrick said...

I believe there is a closer Ikea now, although I don't know where that is, probably somewhere in Mass. And don't be silly, Jello isn't made from glue, they get it from the connective tissue from pigs and it's good for you, especially if you're working out a lot! You know when you open a canned ham and there's all that jell-o like substance around it.....

jess said...

Thanks, Julie, now he wants to eat Jell-o even more because, "It's related to bacon!"

I think you're right about the closer Ikea. Is it in CT?

**STOP Reading here if your name is Lisa and you're a vegetarian!!!!**

I think connective porcine tissue might be grosser than glue.