Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Hi little girl, Is your Mommy home?

It Happened Again!

I Blame the Happy Bunny Shirt. It was one of those serendipitous goodwill finds. People seem to think it's appropriate for me, somehow. Except for Zach, who says, "Jess, anyone who knows you well suspects you."


l i s a said...

what?! is that the whole story?

i love your magnets. did you have some like that when we were at buttonwoods? looking forward to the grand opening. . .will there be treats?

jess said...

I work and I work but you're never satisfied!!!

That was an entirely gratuitous post just for whiners like you S.C. I have been working all day on interpreting N. T Wright for your future edification and composing a grueling theological lecture in which I yell at the entire church because I am really good at telling people what to do (it comes of being an older sister AND a nanny) and still you are not satisfied!! What will you require next, Lisa? A theological treatise on why Canadians are holier than the average American?!? I give up. ;)

As for yr 2nd comment, thanks! Um, I think I might have gone through the handmade magnet phase in Buttonwoods, yes. I know this is not the first time.

Treats: SOY-tenly! I mean really, remember who you're talking to here!!!

l i s a said...

you apparently used this opportunity to practice yelling at the church by yelling at me. yikes! can't a reader ever ask for more details on a potentially funny story?

and canadians. . .not so holy;).

the snarkster

jess said...

Sorry, I hoped you would see the toungue-in-cheekedness. I mean, really, man, don't you have anything better to do than read my blog? Aww, you know I love you, Snarky Clark. You're my all-time favorite reader (don't tell the others).

Seriously there really wasn't more to the story than last time: The doorbell rang, I answered it and was asked if my mom was home. Boring.

l i s a said...

now it's my turn to say i was hoping you would see i was being facetious.

and no i don't have anything better to do except read your blog. unless you think writing papers is something better to do. . .? i like (reading and criticizing), but really prefer that other people do the writing.

paintandink said...

That shirt is awesome.