Sunday, November 16, 2008

I was tired this afternoon, so I laid down for a little rest and suddenly I was awoken from a bizarre dream by horrible yowlings and screamings outside my window. It was dark, and I was very confused. It took me awhile, but I finally came to the conclusion that 1) There was a catfight in the front yard. 2) It was not the middle of the night, and 3) I had been asleep for several hours. Oops.

Jury's still out on whether our resident cat won the fight or not. There's a fair amount of fur on the front lawn, but much of it seems to be his. Poor Oscar!

So, since I'm still not fully awake, that was meant to be an excuse for not writing anything coherent today. Instead, please enjoy this picture (for purely illustrative purposes) of Libby sleeping in the car. She loves it when I do this.


l i s a said...

ha. sunday afternoon naps can be dangerous and disorienting!
i had to skim through the story real fast at first trying to figure out the connection between the cat fight and libby. boy, am i glad i'm not your sister!

rudecactus said...

Ha. Yeah, I bet she's thrilled.

Wonder-Rachel said...

This is so funny. We used to have a huge orange tabby named Oscar. He used to get in neighborhood brawls all the time. I was constantly cleaning and caring for furry little cat-wounds. Then he ran away.