Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mailbox 2004- part 2

Another email exchange between the dynamic duo of awesomeness and my not-so-bad self. The first one's from me and Warwick is the town in which I lived at the time.

Gentle Lady,

Henceforth, wherefore art thou arriving in the duchy of Warwick? Our royal self is greatly anticipating your visit.

Lady S, that book you lent us was very good indeed though before it was finished I did have cause to remember that you told me it all turned out okay in the end, and I may not have believed it at the time.


My Lady,

We do foresee arriving in Warwick town upon the later afternoon of this morrow, the Saturday even. Yea, and Lord M's schedule has even changed, so that he does not attend a council in the Saturday morning, but we even prevail upon thy goodwill for spending the night upon thy couches.

Indeed, though we depart the Sunday morning, M must needs do work on the Sunday afternoon in the province of Brown, so that it seems I may spend again the Sunday afternoon with thee, my lady, if it pleases you.

I must needs do labor in the crafting-shop today, and even tomorrow, as time doth grow short for me.

-Lady S

Dearest Lady Jess, Earl of Davenport in Warwick-by-the-Sea,

I shall escort our good Lady S to thy realm early on the evening of tomorrow, the day of Saturn, whence we may commence with celebrations of the anniversaries of our births and pending marriage.

The Lady and I must undertake a brief voyage by sea early on the Lord's Day whilst you are in worship, but I shall return the Lady to your keeping for the afternoon.

Mayest your flowers bloom as lovely as your countenance,
Lord M, on Behalf of His Lady S

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l i s a said...

you are finding some interesting ways to post every day. notice i said 'post' and not 'blog' or 'write.'