Monday, November 3, 2008

Nanoblomomofo... or something like that

I am going to attempt to make it through November with at least one post a day. I can't promise anything since I tried several times to stick with nanowrimo and failed (but had fun anyway).

This is going to have to count as today's post because I feel sick from eating 4 bowls of Cinnamon Crunch Toast in rapid succession, for dinner. I blame Zach. He enabled me.

Ugh, I'm going to bed in hopes I feel better in the morning.


l i s a said...

imagine if that was combined with leftover halloween candy (a lie). now that would really make you sick.

if you post every day, i will try to respond every day(-ish).

Christy said...

Alright! Daily post! woo!!

Cereal: Also a "WOO!!!!" Yummy.

Wonder-Rachel said...

Would it be stupid to ask: WTF are nanoblomomofo and nanowrimo?

CTC is my husbands very favorite cereal in the whole world. He keeps it high up on a shelf above our kitchen cupboards so he doesn't have to share with us short people.