Saturday, November 8, 2008

SF Adventures

I'm going to San Fransisco to eat Armenian food tonight with Michael's housemate and our good friend A. A's family is Armenian and they moved here (from Lebanon) when he was a baby.

I'm excited to experience desserts of a different culture (DDC). I'm also psyched to spend some time with A and his girlfriend, D. So nice of Michael to live with a guy who's dating a great friend of mine!


Christy said...

You don't use real names on your blog? Is "D" on facebook, because I had a great time talking to her at the retreat.

jess said...

Well I like to check with people before using their names. I guess first names wouldn't have been a big deal but I hadn't asked them so....

I think Debbie just joined FB, I'll send you a friend suggestion.