Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sneak Preview

I've been having so much fun creating the last few weeks that I'm almost afraid to hope that I might be able to at least partially support myself this way some day. I have a million different projects going on at once- magnets, cards, journals, albums, Christmas ornaments & more... I'm practically giddy getting to use all of these great craft materials I've collected and saved (and lugged around the country) for years.

Here's a peek at the new Etsy shop. Glass cabochon magnets made with various bits of recycled packaging, scrap paper, and old Christmas cards. :) I'm working on getting more images uploaded and I should be having the (virtual) grand opening by Saturday at the latest. Stay tuned!!


Mandy Sue said...

I've been attempting to open my shop but I've been going through a dry creativity patch...stinks! but I like your magnets! Keep up the good work. I'm excited to check out your shop when it opens!

Happy crafting!

Christy said...

These look awesome! I am doing all my stocking stuffer shopping with you.

PS: I got a MAJOR EVIL LOOK [for a really good joke] from Zach yesterday, and his excuse was "I have older sisters, you think I can't take that?" or something along those lines, so I think it might sort of make the entire thing YOUR FAULT.