Friday, November 21, 2008


It's that time of the month again. sigh. Excuse me while I avoid contact with the outside world for a week in order to ensure the outside world's continued survival.

Why does everything have to be so hard? Am I just temporarily seeing the world through PMS-colored glasses? Because right now everything just seems to suck. Everything.


l i s a said...

a little bit of both, perhaps. but just remember--it will be better in a week.
remember how i love not having a car? that's 99% of the time. tonight it took me two hours to get home from school and that involved about 45 minutes divided between two bus stops, standing in the freezing rain totally underdressed. well, at least i'm not one of those teenage girls who think it's still appropriate to wear flip-flops in this weather.
(hope i didn't just offend any of your readers!).
see you when you're better.

Anonymous said...

Bumma man! to cheer you up...
Overheard on the way to preschool...
Luke: "Auntie Jess lives in the United States of America...I love Auntie Jess"

Jocelyn said...

I'm wid you, sista. I've often denied PMS in myself--yet I then realize I get really sad sometimes, and I really want to be left alone sometimes, and my life is worth nothing sometimes. Always the same time of the month.

Then I wake up a day or two later and dance.

Jocelyn said...

Oh, I just saw your Montana comment and am now laughing. Babes, I did grow up in Montana. Yes, I did.

But I live in MN now. I'm all about loving Montana still, though, so we can pretend I live there.

Mandy Sue said...

I know how ya feel man. I don't get super sad or think my life sucks. But man I get crabby *And yes, the italics were necessary! My poor boyfriend!

But we all have to get through it.

Lisa--I'm one of those "young" people who still wears flip-flops in this weather. I'm not offended, though. I know it's stupid, but sometimes when I'm going out to get the mail they're the only shoes I can find! ;)

jess said...

Lisa- true, I have decided to just write that week off every month and not even expect to get anything accomplished. Just getting through it is a win and if anything good happens, it's a bonus.

Lib- that made me laugh and also everyone I saw for the rest of the day. I love that boy.

Jocelyn- Heh, I think it must have been a post about a visit to Montana or something that I'm remembering. Did you go to a wedding there recently?

Mandy Sue- Lisa's in Vancouver, so it's probably a bit colder for flip flops. I'm sure she would make an exception for getting the mail. Besides, she's not as old and crochety as she likes to pretend she is..

Defiantmuse said...

dude, I'm totally there right now. After a loooong day with my cranky toddler I demanded my partner pick up a bottle of wine and a huge piece of chocolate cake on his way home from work. It's helping. A bit.