Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Accidentally Flushed My Christmas Spirit Down the Toilet

Happy holidays, rah rah rah. Blah. I'm not really feeling it this week. Maybe tomorrow I'll be feeling it.

Today: Meh.

Yesterday: NONONONO

But tomorrow is my last day of work for a while and that means rejoice, rejoice, for I can work on filling my Etsy shop up again!!!!! I seem to have developed a teeny tiny Michael's addiction. The store, not the boy. Though, let's face it, I'm hopelessly addicted to the boy too. I don't really want to be cured. He smells so good and he gives great hugs and he puts up with me when I'm all, "My life is oooover, I don't want to go to work tomorrow or ever again. And your family hates me and everybody hates me, and I hate me tooooo!!!" And then he makes me laugh, sometimes against my will.

In any case, the next few weeks look to be a veritable whirlwind of
trying to justify the 3 bazillion new supplies I've bought at Michael's this season.*
! crafting incessantly and taking pictures and uploading items one by bloody one for hours on Etsy.

Today I moved 8oo lbs of books. Not all at once. At least it felt like 800 lbs. I have this wacky new job where I run somebody else's errands. And it's great because it turns out getting paid to run somebody else's errands is way better than running my own for free!!! So today I took took 200+ books, and moved them off of shelves, and replaced them with (probably over) 200 more and then brought 150 of the former to Goodwill. I get my muscles from booklifting thank you very much. And yes, I do have muscles. Just not the showy, in-your-face kind that you can see with the naked eye. Mine are subtle, because I am a delicate flower. So there.

*One for every 40% off coupon and- it's like a miracle!- when you check out they give you another one, so it's like you have to go back the next day! After all, if God hadn't wanted me to develop a close relationship with the craft store, He wouldn't have brought me (through a long and hopelessly convoluted series of moves and events) to this house within walking distance of one. Right? Right???


Jesse Mendez said...

Hi how are you?

I want to invite you to become friendly with us here at my art blog are you up to it?

Thanks hope to hear from you soon..... :D

l i s a said...

sounds like michael is a healthy antidote to michael's sorcery in form of coupons.

hope you're getting into the season--joy to the world and all.

Anonymous said...

You are a delicate flower--I've always known that. Like when you were eating what we were calling fermented Jolly Rancher sticks, and snorting with laughter over me saying the word Toilet. That just says "delicate flower".

I also have a slight addiction to craft stores now. Although I'm no where near as crafty as you. :)


Christy said...

"Mine are subtle, because I am a delicate flower." LOL.

And I did notice how close your house was to the craft store. I was impressed. And the 40% off coupon...its like candy!

Sus said...

My muscles also take the more delicate approach. When I flex, my arm doesn't even change shape. Once I think I actually heard it snicker at me like, who was I kidding.

jess said...

Manda- LOL Fermented Jolly Rancher sticks?? I don't remember those! they sound like something I'd like though..

As for "snorting," you must be remembering when I blushed and giggled girlishly at the mention of that shocking word (toilet) because that's what delicate flowers do when they're secretly appalled at someone else shocking language but don't want to be rude by saying so.

Amanda in RI said...

I will say that the aforementioned incident happened on a choir trip.


Jason, as himself said...

I think I really like the idea of getting paid to run someone else's errands! Hmmmm. My daughter could use a new job......

Jocelyn said...

I love the Michael's, too, but I have to say those 40% off coupons are too clever for me...I go in to use them, but then I struggle to find anything to buy that's a "regular-priced item." Everything's "on sale," so it doesn't qualify for the coupon. It ends up with me wanting to ask the cashier to direct me to the ONE item in the store that is regularly priced.