Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Photo Session

Josh of The Photographic Awesomeness came over today and took a bunch of pictures for the shop. I'm always amazed at how much work everything is. Not that I did much besides stand around with a confused expression in my face and provide random items needed for backdrops. What, you need a 40 foot length of blue velvet? I have that right here *whips out curtain that has been living in a box for three years*! Finally, my tendency towards pack-ratishness has paid off. Take that, Libby! Now if only I had all those glass jars... but back to the point, work. I somehow always assume everything will be quick and simple. For instance, opening an Etsy shop? Easy peasy! I think I fast-forward through all of the details involved and arrive, mentally, at this place where the job is already done before I've even started. Then when I actually start working I quickly get overwhelmed by details.

My point- I think I had one... yes- was that it took us hours to take all those pictures. Josh is such a trooper and worked through what appeared to be the early stages of the flu. I always think, "Eh, whip out the camera, take a few shots and yer done." But it's actually way more complicated if you're doing it right. Who knew? they came out beautifully though. And I think I can announce with cautious optimism, that I will be able to get the shop up and running this weekend. Yay! I'm going to do a giveaway & possibly other fun stuff (any ideas?) for the grand opening so tell your friends.


Defiantmuse said...

dude, I would have SO loved to take photos for you.

l is a said...

wah-who. can't wait to see them.