Saturday, December 13, 2008

Theological Interpretations

Recently observed in the 1st grade Sunday school room wall mural depicting the Garden of Eden: 

The first people God made were named Evelyn and Lillian. (is that like Adam and Steve?)

The first animal was a hose. (I think there was supposed to be an "r." in there somewhere)

I highly recommend spending time with six-year-olds. They're an endless source of entertainment.


l i s a said...

i've heard of lilith and eve, but not evelyn and lillian. and is a hose kind of like a serpent? interesting kiddos you've got there.

Neil said...

God created Evelyn and Lillian, and all was good. And then Evelyn and Lillian need someone to throw out the garbage. And God created Man.

KC said...

That is some great material over there. Serious potential.